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Southlake Guest Bedrooms


Ormond Beach, Florida




Decorated Private Residence

These two bedrooms are separated by a Jack and Jill bathroom and feature two different styles. The first bedroom boasts a black and gold color palette, creating a chic and stylish ambiance. The room features bold abstract art, along with gold metal statues, adding a touch of modernity to the space. A functional desk, complete with a gold lamp, provides a perfect work area. The bed is adorned with a multitude of pillows featuring gold metal elements and cheetah print, adding personality to the space.

The second bedroom features a gorgeous silver and white color palette, this room exudes elegance and sophistication. The focal point of this bedroom is the stunning matching headboard and ottoman, both button tufted and adorned with button crystals, adding a touch of glamour. Custom artwork is also featured on the wall, further enhancing the room's aesthetic. A large metal vase sits on the dresser, filled with flowers, adding a natural element and creating a lovely contrast with the color scheme.

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